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How a Tenant Representative Works for You

CmercialReal Estate Services Lifecycle

Tenant representatives work exclusively for a prospective tenant or buyer, protecting their interests in a commercial real estate transaction. Their objective is to maximize your bottom line by keeping your real estate costs -- and risks -- low, while securing an optimal location that best serves your target customer or workforce, or that satisfies other locational requirements such as access to transportation hubs.


As your Atlanta area tenant rep, John L Grim will become an integral part of your team, providing advice and direction on where to locate your retail business or corporate office while working within the framework of your company’s needs. John has extensive market knowledge and access to resources and contacts that he will put to work for you. 

John provides comprehensive retail market development and office leasing services that go beyond the inked contract. These services include:

1. Finding the optimal retail or office location(s) for success

  • Serve as a strategic partner to help ensure real estate requirements meet the objectives of your business

  • Access data not available to the public to develop a thorough demographic and market analysis, and identify potential properties to best serve your customer or workforce

  • Leverage landlord connections to open doors in top-tier retail centers and office buildings -- often learning of openings before they are made public

  • Surface alternative locations not considered, such as subleases or tax advantaged “opportunity zones” which can offset rent or startup costs



2. Negotiating terms of a commercial lease or purchase agreement

  • Utilize market expertise to ensure you are getting the best deal possible, such as competitive rates on a retail or office space, build-out provisions, landlord concessions (i.e. free rent) and other market variables

  • Draft contract language that maximizes your protections, such as lease renewal or expansion options or ability to audit landlord expenses

  • Develop creative solutions to overcome landlord objections, as needed

  • Help secure tax incentives or other value-add dollars, where applicable


3. Serving your ongoing needs

  • Point of contact for lease-related questions that may arise, such as how to handle an Estoppel certificate inquiry

  • Provide tenant representation for future needs such as business expansion, relocation, downsizing, or lease renewal


Tenant Rep Broker Commissions

Since tenant rep commissions are customarily paid by the landlord or property owner, these services are typically without costs to you. Landlords budget for commissions for a listing agent, which is typically split with the tenant rep upon completion of the lease or purchase agreement. This does not add costs for the landlord or you, the tenant. 



Global Reach

Through his affiliation with the NAI network, John can leverage NAI's global services to meet the full spectrum of your needs throughout the U.S. and beyond. With affiliate companies in over 55 countries, NAI has one of the largest geographic footprints in today’s commercial real estate marketplace.

From Midtown to West Atlanta to Alpharetta to Macon or points beyond, John welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to develop a locational strategy that meets your current and long-term real estate needs.  He can be reached at 770-402-3845, or via email at


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